2017 Miss Jacqui's Christmas Workshops
                                For more info or to Register
             Call 440 320-0537 or email DanceWithMe@oh.rr.com

                             Dec. 16,  2017                           
                             One Day Only  Limited Space

   Dance Class
                Cookie Decorating
                          Take Home Princess Craft
                                              Royal Princess Tea Party
                                                                Tiara  / Certificate

Princess Babies w/ Parent or Partner
                     18mos. - 3yrs.     cost $25.00     9:00-10:00 am       
Princess Babies Attire:  Optional, Some wear like to have fun and wear more fufu type attire and other Princess’ prefer more active wear type clothing or a basic leotard. Totally up to you. Parent or Partner Please No Street Shoes on Dance Floor. Most wear socks on floor or bring shoes to change into.

Princess Ballet
                        3-5yrs.  10:45-12:00 pm     5-8yrs.  1:00-2:15 pm   
Princess Ballet Workshop Attire  Leotard any color, Long Hair Tied Back, Ballet Shoes not mandatory but you will want to avoid slippery nylon type socks. (cotton based much better) Comfortable Clothing (no jeans or zipper/button up type pants) Long Hair Tied Back. Shoes: Ballet Shoes Fine or Socks that are not Slippery.

Miss Jacqui's Dance